Statistics and Training Areas







1Structures Access
This training aims to provide the technicians with skills for the access to structures of different natures, with a safe approach and a rescue component.
2Rope Access
With several training levels, the Course on Access by Ropes specializes and certifies technicians for the installation, checking and use of ropes in works at height.
3Global Wind Organisation (GWO)
Basic Safety Training Courses in Work at Heights, First Aid, Fire Awareness, Manual Handling and Sea Survival.
4Health and Safety at Work
This course tackles all the requirements needed to ensure health and safety at work according to the legislation in force.
5Recycling Training
The recycling training is directed to technicians that feel the need to revise their knowledge and update their competences in Access to Structures or Rope Access.
6IPAF – Lift Platforms
Course directed to lift platforms operators and demonstrators. These courses are divided into several lift platforms levels and types.
7Poles, Transportation and Erection
Training courses on handling, transportation, foundations and erection for works in large concrete poles, wood and concrete poles or large metal and concrete poles.